Childhood Situations Leading To Low Self-esteem


The following ways in which a child may be treated most often lead to the development of low Self-esteem. Note: While this list is extensive, it does not include all the possible incidents or behavior that can lead to low self-esteem.

  • Receiving an inordinate amount of criticism
  • Being the target of verbal abuse: name-calling, disparaging remarks, sarcasm, or other inappropriate verbal responses
  • Being ridiculed for our thoughts, perceptions, feelings, or performance of tasks
  • Having our body or appearance ridiculed by our parents or other family members
  • Being shamed as a child when alone or in front of others
  • Having our feelings consistently ignored and discounted -
  • Receiving punishment that is cruel or inappropriate according to conventional societal rules or inappropriate for one's age, such as spanking an older child, locking a child in a closet, grounding a child for months at a time, putting a small child in isolation for long periods of time, etc.
  • Receiving punishment for what are considered normal mistakes for our age or level of development and understanding

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